Zoong Nguyen

About Zoong Nguyen

Zoong is an impressionist painter. Trained in graphic design, she now uses paint brushes and acrylics to create her current works.Her subjects vary from still life to landscape and abstract figures. She is represented by CAVA in Edmonton

Cow in Front of Sunset

This cow is part of my Animal Series. Looking straight at the cow’s face, I sense its expression of the moment, though how subtle it may be and that is what I paint this piece with.

Sunflowers 1

Blooming sunflowers are definitely the image of the peak of summer, when the heat is strongest and when other flowers are competing showing off their hues in the sun around the garden. It is a beautiful subject to paint again and again for me

Magpies in Winter

Magpies are about the only birds I see in winter,. Their color black and blue green on the white snow reflecting on the sunlight were just irresistible to be captured on canvas