Sabrina Sbarzella

About Sabrina Sbarzella

My artwork takes a look at exploring inner human consciousness and the objects that we come into contact within everyday life. In my work I like to simplify the relationships people have with their internal and external surroundings. I get most of my ideas from passing daydreams and everyday surroundings.  Often times I like to express these ideas through painting, mostly using gestural mark makings. I do like exploring and using different media such as photography, silkscreen, and drawing. I like focusing on the texture each medium can provide and how they can exploit everyday objects and transform them into something different yet familiar. 


This piece looks at the complexity of everyday objects, I wanted to let the viewer fully take in the texture of the tomato vine.


This was a macro shot taken of fake grass, I wanted the viewer to take in how each blade is different up close but similar afar.