Reuben Krabbe

About Reuben Krabbe

I aim to photograph not the athletes who are in front of my lens, but moreover the soul, culture, community and natural beauty that defines the lives of my subjects. Most skiers and bikers can relate to a constant state of wanderlust, after staying in one place one becomes restless. Creative and physical wanderlust and restlessness drive me to find unique perspectives and methods by which to capture the evolving world of action sports. I grew up in Calgary on the outside looking in, a kid on the prairies staring longingly west out my front window at the Rocky Mountains. For three years I bounced around the perimeter of BC between Victoria, Whistler, and Calgary but now call Whistler my home.

Ingrid Backstrom, Eagle

Ingrid Backstrom skiing Mt Washington British Columbia, Eagle. Photograph printed on archival canvas. 24×30

Aurora Borealis, Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon

Photograph printed on archival canvas, 24×36 inches.
2013 Mt Monolith Complex, Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon