Mike Saley

About Mike Saley

 Mike is a visual artist who creates original works through modern interpretations of traditional and classic shapes and forms.  His influences include ancient Rome, Greece and Eygpt as well as cultures of the Canadian Pacific Northwest, Arctic and Woodlands.  He works in the areas of drawing sculpting and carving.     

First Flight

“First Flight” is an abstract representation of optimism and potential; of a person getting ready to take that next step and fly. Their first flight into new and unexplored areas opens a whole new world of excitement, optimism and untold potential. Note: a more detailed commentary is available

In the Face of Darkness

“In the Face of Darkness” is an abstract representation of determination and hope; of a person standing strong in the face of challenge and obstacles. It was inspired by my conversations with, and observations of, those who have overcome adversity. Note: a fully detailed description is available.

Uneasy Alliance

On the surface, “Uneasy Alliance” proposes a humorous notion that a person could harness and ride a wolf. Bones in the wolf’s stomach suggest caution should be exercised. On an abstract level the work represents the connection of man and nature. The rider represents cultures of the Arctic and the wolf represents the changing climate. A relationship that is […]