Mary Cutbill

About Mary Cutbill

Mary Cutbill graduated from the University of Calgary with a BFA Degree in Visual Studies (Studio concentration) and was the 2013 recipient of the Department of Art Silver Medallion. primarily a print and mixed media artist, her current works examine public art in Calgary. Recent exhibitions include the Nickle Galleries and MOCA.

Circling the Issue II

Reflecting urban growth in Calgary, organic motifs represent the four city quadrants, vertically and horizontally bisected by transportation corridors, with human figures indicating population disbursement. A hybridized bicycle/auto wheel, supported by a horizontally positioned oil derrick, alludes to the emotional and economic conflict between the oil industry and environmental responsibility.

Walk the Talk

Based on William McElcheran’s iconic Conversation sculpture, Walk the Talk assigns properties of a photographic negative to the businessmen, implicating that their discussion holds less significance than the conversations with pedestrian viewers, affirming the precedence of public dialogue with urban art.

Just Wondering

Situated along a major urban transportation artery, and inviting visual conversation, Jaume Plensa’s Wonderland sculpture, inspires exploration. By abstracting and reinterpreting salient elements of physical materiality, site placement, and accessibility, this work examines the diverse viewing experiences of motorists and pedestrians passing the Encana Bow Tower in Calgary.