Jie Lan

About Jie Lan

 My name is Jie Lan and I was born in Mainland, China. I immigrated with my family to Calgary in 2006 and I am now pursuing my childhood passion for art as a third year Visual Studies major student at the University of Calgary. I do not adhere to any specific artistic style, because I believe whichever style that connects with the viewer is acceptable. In most of my paintings, prints and drawings, I tend to bring together the whole artwork by simply controlling the degree of looseness of both the purposeful and unintentional marks. Currently, I am studying traditional Chinese paintings and plan to combine their particular arrangement of visual elements with Western techniques. And in my drawings and prints, I tend to be more realistically descriptive that addresses to issues such as Climate Change and our ever-changing identity. I hope that this integration will help me explore more ways of representing ideas, and thus invite new readings of my artworks. 

Difficulty I

I want to explore the feelings of isolation and confinement in this print. The geometric shapes are meant to represent the different layers of consciousness of which we identify as the “self” and our “surroundings”. The negative feelings are further expressed with the exemption of colour, thus prompting the viewer to enter a similar emotional state to sympathize with […]

Untitled 1 and 2

These two paintings are my attempt at representing the reciprocity that we see in our everyday lives. However, they are open to interpretation and I welcome any perspective that relates to the concept of duality. I used abstract shapes and expressive painting techniques also for this purpose. One other notable aspect is that I used recyclable materials, and this […]