FAQ Page

What happens to my art that is accepted to be displayed in Cenera’s Office?

You commit to keeping your art in the ECAP program for a year. It will be showcased in our office, website and at our yearly client event.

You are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that each piece is properly framed or finished and ready to hang on the wall. If a piece is accepted and arrives at our office unfinished or cannot be easily hung and displayed on the wall, it may not be accepted or displayed until the appropriate changes are made.
  • Transporting your art to Cenera’s office in a timely manner once it has been accepted, unless other arrangements have been made.
When do you accept new art into ECAP?


We are always accepting new art. If you are interested in participating, please contact us for more information

Acceptance of new art into our office is dependent on space available in our office and how it complements what is already currently in the program.

How much of a commission does ECAP take for selling my art?

We take a very low 10% commission which goes right back into keeping ECAP running. There is also a 3.5% payment processing fee. We will email you and let you know that your piece has sold and we will mail you a cheque within 30 days after your piece sells.